FESI - European Insulation Contracters Association

Since 1970 FESI - Fédération Européenne des Syndicats d'Entreprises d'Isolation - is the independent federation representing more than 3.300 insulation contracting companies with around 47.500 employees.

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Founding Member of EiiF - European Industrial Insulation Foundation

As a founding member of the EUROPEAN INDUSTRIAL INSULATION FOUNDATION (EiiF) we are powering sustainability.

Find out why ENERGY EFFICIENCY starts with INSULATION 

Insulation per Climate

KAIMANN is the main sponsor of the campaign "Insualtion per Climate". Click here and read more about the campaign ... 

Sanitized Partner

For the environment - Green electricity!

KAIMANN refers from 2010 on for its headquarters and manufacturing facilities throughout an electricity form alternative energy sources.

The so-called "green power" is growing in popularity recently.

Read more about the usage and the company "giving" KAIMANN this green power  



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